There goes the streak…

•November 3, 2006 • Leave a Comment

I started this blog so that, like Kat, I would accountable for what progress I’ve made or failed to make.  Well, another full day down and I did as close to 0 as possible towards securing a future for myself.  Now I’m making some dinner and heading out into the night.  Oops.  We’ll get back on the horse tomorrow.



•November 2, 2006 • Leave a Comment

In the time it took me to start a wordpress account, I completely lost my writing mojo.  Nonetheless, I’ll force it.

I started this, probably my 5th or 6th attempt at a blog, not because I have something to get off my chest, but because I’m a complete and utter copycat.  Look, all the cool kids are doing it, and I just want to be cool.

Seriously, I noticed that my friend Kat – aside: everybody named Kat is cool.  Befriend one; I dare you. (double aside: proper use of semi-colon?  Of all the bastardization of grammar thus far in this paragraph, that is the one thing I must have correct.)  Anyhow, Kat, cool girl, has been updating her blog regularly as she’s busy applying for grad schools.  I happen to be in a similar situation, only, being a grown-up, I am applying for unemployment.  As I struggle with my lack of productivity, I thought I could use this blog as an outlet of thoughts and barometer of progress.  Honestly, nobody will ever see it, though.  I almost exclusively talk to Jordan online, and I’m not sure I’ll even take the bold step of posting the link in an away message as, three weeks in, my mom still believes me to be employed, and I just don’t want her on my case.

Anyhow, I’m hoping fleshing my thoughts into the written word allows them to develop.  I’ve noticed lately that in writing and in conversation I have struggled to express myself coherently, often failing to find the correct word or have an idea materialize.
Speaking of losing my writing mojo, any train of thought I had has vanished whilst trying to figure out why the first sentence of that last paragraph has a line break so early in the line.  I’ve been doing a good job waking up at 9 am each morning, and we’re reaching the point where that will mean less than 8 hours, so I’ll sign off here.  Next post, we reason out my failings to this point.

(edit: Seriously, whats up with that line?)