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As usual, I have nothing to add in regards to my job search.  Right now opera has about 15 pages open, at least 10 of which pertain to possible jobs, 0 of which I have done anything about. (9/16 – good guesses by me)

Then how did I spend my day?  Well, I woke up around 9:30 and did nothing for a while.  After lunch, I went back and did nothing for a while longer.  This evening I went for a jog and returned home to do nothing, and that’s where I find myself now.  It’s terrible how, when I feel like I should be getting things done, I am handicapped, prevented from doing other things, things that my themselves turn out to be productive.  I’ve always found that when I get out into the world, nothing but good things happen.  I simply don’t put myself in that position.

Actually, I find out today that to repair my 2 month old, broken phone will cost me $55.  It is a disappointing phone to begin with and I am loathe to spend the extra money.

As for the rest of the evening, perhaps I will close some of these tabs, only after, of course, pursuing the jobs contained therein.  And the rest of the week – let’s hope it’s not more of the same.  In addition to finding a job or learning how to act, whichever path I am ultimately pursuing, I have some phone calls to make, bills to pay, and unemployment checks to deposit.

This is an altogether lackluster post that well represents my day.

(Update: Without having left my seat from when I wrote this, I’ve managed to whittle down to 7 open pages, only 2 relating to jobs [teaching in Japan and how to be a PA].  Everything in the short term has been taken care of – I might even have some cash work to give me spending money for Ohio.)


~ by Matt on November 14, 2006.

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