Quick Updates

  • The diet failed to last an hour past when I wrote about it.  Larchmont Pizzeria is too good.
  • I went to a free acting seminar.  They had to be selling something – it ended up being a longer seminar.  Nonetheless, it was educational in a new age, California hippie kind of way.  Apparently, my mind can control the outcomes in my life.  If I think about what I want and stay positive in believing it will happen, success will come.  Now they want me to pay $450 for 22 hours of teaching me how.
  • My cousin won an Ohio House seat in a landslide, as a republican.  Thats like a double victory.  The republicans got slaughtered, but he rose above partisan politics to capture his district.  Makings of the President.  Always been the pride of the family as far as I’m concerned.
  • Proud of myself for waking up at 8:30.  My next goal should be to set a schedule and stick to it regarding playing video games (FFXII is great) and job searching.
  • Larchmont Pizzeria is great.

~ by Matt on November 8, 2006.

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